About Us

Why Kams Egg Rolls?


My name is Kham Kenchanh, owner of Kams Egg Rolls, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our company makes Lao style egg rolls, which are different than the ones you may find in Asian/Chinese restaurants, and grocery stores in town. Our egg rolls have a light exterior and are stuffed with an abundance of meat and vegetables. You can enjoy them plain or dip them in the delicious sauce we provide.

Kams Egg Rolls & Community


We are reaching out to you because we believe that our egg rolls could benefit your fund-raising efforts at your schools, non-profit agency, church, or for an individual who needs to raise funds for medical bills. We would love to learn more about your program and figure out how we can help you raise money. 

Inquiring Kams Egg Rolls


Thank you for visiting our website. We are also on Facebook at facebook.com/kamseggrolls and Instagram id: kamseggrolls. If you are interested in our products and would like to sample our egg rolls, please call or email me directly at kamscafe007@gmail.com so we can arrange a meeting time at our office. Thank you.

Kindest Regards from Kham & Team EggRolls.  

(Egg Rolls for All Occasions!)